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Edited by    Sam Mugweru    on    2018-06-07 11:23:57

25yrs ago…….


…..a group of farmers decided they could do better together.


That decision helped them kick-start the journey of building an entity today we refer to as UNAITAS. An entity to which millions and some of you are dear beneficiaries.

Interesting to note, most of the farmers only had some basic education but that never deterred them. Today they run a multi-billion empire!


Speaking of education, today many are proud degree, diploma and certificates owners. Even form four leavers fit the bill to be considered fully literate. However, you hardly hear of as many upcoming empires as Unaitas, why? Is our education system making us clueless or vision-less?


Many will rush here to come tell us that Scam story and bla..blas of how impossible it is. Did we go to school to make things impossible? Why are we even paying the exorbitant school fees nowadays?


If ‘uneducated’ farmers could stand for their rights and see their money being used in the right way to serve their purposes who are we not to know and defend our rights? Is education turning us into a generation 'do nothing'?
No wonder some bunch of baboons find it easy to rape this country bare!


To give the devil his due, there are many genuine and strong matatu and bodaboda Saccos which takes us back to the ‘educated’ vs ‘less educated’. I need not to say which team is losing 9-0 even before half-time.

E-Preneurs Sacco Ltd is still recruiting interested members in large numbers.

To qualify an interested member:

1. Must be willing to think in terms of possibilities and be always exited by growth. 
2. Committed to defend his/her rights by the laid down Sacco by-laws.
3. Ready to engage and think in terms of better, efficient and cost friendly entrepreneurship ventures.
4. You must be the change you want to see
5. Lastly but not be able to keep his end of the bargain.

Welcome and purpose to check our website for benefits and full requirements to become a member.