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5 top benefits of becoming a member of epreneurs Sacco

Edited by    Eddy Kinuthia    on    2018-05-14 10:29:43


The main reason though has been to access cheap credit accrued from their savings. The Sacco concept has indeed elevated the masses from poverty into financial stability. Epreneurs Sacco is the new kid on the block. Below are the 5 benefits of epreneurs Sacco.



Well, before we get into the 5 benefits of epreneurs Sacco, Many of you may ask, what is a Sacco? A Sacco is an abbreviation for “savings and credit cooperatives” as you can see, in layman language it is members joining hands saving what they can and accessing credit from their savings and to add to that at a low interest.


Sacco’s here in Kenya have been in existence since 1944 and they have grown by the numbers and members as well.


Epreneurs Sacco is the new entrant into this space offering uniques products to modern day entrepreneurs. Below is a comprehensive and detailed review of the 5 benefits of epreneurs Sacco.


1. Training and mentorship.

Epreneurs Sacco is targeting youth both employed and unemployed. Our main emphasis being online and digital awareness. Towards this end, and many of our youth now getting their hands on the online sphere, what a better way to hold your hand and connect you with the thousands of youth that have gained much online knowledge? It could be knowledge in,

a.  Social media and digital marketing

b.  Web design

c.   Web development

d.  Content writing

e.  SEO

f.    Graphic design


2.  Networking

What a better way to network with the thousands of youth under epreneurs Sacco. Yes, here we shall connect members with similar interests together so that they exchange and implement their knowledge. This will in turn enhance and speed up their growth and open up immense opportunities for them.



3.  Online and Digital awareness

By now almost everyone is aware of “online” and “digital” as terms explaining the internet age/era that we are in. But how can you as youth leverage on this major world achievement known as the internet? Well, with a huge pool of internet entrepreneurs at epreneurs Sacco, join us today and get to know more on how to take your career or business to the next level. The internet is huge and yes we have not even scratched the surface. There is so much to learn and so much to gain.



4.  Ecommerce & Imports Tips

In simple terms, ecommerce is the process and thereafter business of offering your products or services to the online market. There are various ecommerce platforms, At epreneurs Sacco you will have a chance of meeting fellow members doing ecommerce and earning a living out of it. You will also learn how to leverage on Google and other search engines to take your business beyond our borders via the internet. In fact you will learn how to use social media to enhance your venture and to top it up, you will also get to know and acquaint yourself with all the tips and guidelines of importation.



5.  Savings and Loans access

The backbone of a successful Sacco is truly a good if not perfect savings and loans portfolio. Further to this, uplifting members from their savings feels great. At epreneurs Sacco, we shall offer members loans that will attract very competitive interests so that they can implement and succeed on point 3 and 4 named above.


It is no doubt that at epreneurs Sacco we offer you a complete package and as a youth who is yearning to change their life, this is your opportunity to take a step and join us.


The only requirement is 2000 Ksh and must be 18 years and above. We are On Thika road at spur mall.


Register as a member today and get the best out of you.