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Could SELF-ENTITLEMENT be to blame for the high rate of unemployment in Kenya?

Edited by    Sam Mugweru    on    2018-05-11 09:52:09

Could SELF-ENTITLEMENT be to blame for the high rate of unemployment in Kenya?


The unemployment level in this country is alarming to say the least.



Immediately after completing our studies, we hit the road to pursue our ‘dream job’. Our excellent papers in one hand and deep prayers in the other. Unfortunately, Mr. Fate hides in the very envelope that we use to carry our CV in. He is just there waiting to drop you the sad news “NO JOB” 
For those who are lucky and get that job, we keep whining for we want a ‘perfect job’. One with completly catered for holidays somewhere in Maldives. Sometimes we even expect unreasonable remunerations from people who toiled from scratch with little or no education but they managed to successfully create empires that we so much adore and would die to work for.



Look, today it is possible to make a dollar behind their computers working for someone in Ohio, Guangzhou or even Calcutta. Some are missing these very opportunities however not because they are not informed but just because they are hunting for a ;perfect job'


Our fathers and fore fathers did not enjoy all that but through thick and thin managed to make us become educated, in the hope that it will make our lives better. But how comes that the most important thing that our dear parents accorded to us has ended up making many of us to hardly believe in ourselves but continue in the futile pursuit of ‘perfect jobs’.



My deep apologies for this will continue to be a pipe dream to many.

It is not only jobs we are demanding to be given the ‘perfect’ ones. How many a times do we keep making inquiries here for the best; bank, university, investment, land among many other things. How do we expect to climb the tree from the top and avoid ‘risk’? Why do we ONLY want the best?
Heartbreaking because best is relative. What works for me may be absolute poison for you. Life never serves us what we demand but he enjoys seeing us making out the best of the situations he condemns us to. Honestly, how boring would a ‘perfect’ life be. It is the uncertainties of it that makes it thrilling. It is the only after undergoing through the risking phase that one becomes a happy and proud entrepreneur.



Why are we so much afraid to get out of the comfort zones and be the guinea pigs of our own fate. Why are we just looking forward to copy paste others life? Failure is an experience that only makes us better to win the next battle. 


How many of you have had the chance to transverse the country while others are lucky enough to do it across borders. Our parents and grandparents were not that exposed as we are today but they managed to exploit the minimal chances and opportunities that life accorded to them. Why not us?



Is it the unrealistic expectations of social media that have made our drive to venture into uncharted waters weak? We want to always appear ‘slaying’ even when we know deep down we are walking turmoil’s ready to blow up anytime at the slightest provocations because of the unrealistic ‘standards’ that have been placed on our weak shoulders?


Minimizing the unbearable unemployment levels depends on how well we embrace entrepreneurship.