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About Us

Who are we?

e-Preneurs entity is a Sacco founded by like-minded online freelancers with an aim of pulling together resources, skills, expertise, and experience to make their trade more helpful to members and the general public. Our goal is to address the needs of online entrepreneurs, while helping members to realize their full potential and reap the opportunities provided to us by the internet. “This is an online entrepreneur’s Sacco. They own it. They run it!" Members of the Sacco are drawn from various fields including: graphic designers web designers, digital marketers, content writers, programmers, tutors, trainers among others.

Why an e-Commerce Sacco

According to the United Nations 2016 statistics unemployment in Kenya stands at 40%. For this reason the ever creative entrepreneurs in Kenya have taken to the internet seeking for avenues to generate the elusive shilling. Motivated by the desire to create a fair playing ground for all, e-Preneurs Sacco aims to provide solutions to the shortcomings that online entrepreneurs face everyday.

Digital Revolution

Agreeably, Digital Technology and the internet in particular provide immense opportunities. Many people in Kenya and throughout the world have found gainful, reliable, and long-term employment by selling/outsourcing their skills and wares online. This SACCO is their home. It is the place where online entrepreneurs can come to share, learn, and more profoundly invest part of their revenue as a way of enriching their lives. Since the beginning of the digital revolution, Kenya has made tremendous strides, ranking among top countries that are most responsive to digital uptake. In fact, the World Economic Forum (WEF) ranks Kenya fifth among top ten Sub-Saharan nations that are digitally responsive. What does all this have to do with a Sacco? Everything!

The Future

Through this massive digital uptake, more people are accessing the internet today and many more are making their livelihood online. Most of them are self-employed; lending their skills to people they might never meet in real life. In their “secluded” world, these hundreds of thousands of Kenyans (mostly youthful) are sidelined by conventional banks. E-Prenuers Sacco is their vehicle to great investment opportunities, loans, access to training and much more. Which other Sacco could you be waiting for?